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Bola De Oro Image by Troels
Bola de Oro

Carte Blanche, 2008

What is your greatest wish?  What does it look like?  Where will you keep it safe?

A sensorial live performance created with Carte Blanche.

Created by Gabriel Hernandez, Marga Socias, Jean-Marie , Emma Beech, Sarah John and Troels Lindebjerg

 Director - Gabriel Hernandez

Dramaturg - Marga Socias



Bola De Oro Image by Troels




Han Kat photo: Anders Sune Berg

The Walls have Ears

Installation Performance, 2007

This was a re-mount of The Walls Have Ears, an installation performance created by Seimi Norrgard, after a successful season at the Copenhagen National Art Gallery.  Seimi says of the piece, “One visitor at a time can experience the work that unravels itself somewhere between an installation, a poem and a performance.”

I performed the characters of He Kat, She Kat, Red Woman & Old Woman for the Viborg season hosted by Carte Blanche.

This piece was like walking into someone’s house that then turned into an Alice in Wonderland adventure.  You entered into the adventure through either the fridge, the cupboard or the mirror in the first room-a kitchen where HanKat (He Cat) is the character of the image photo: Anders Sune Berg) bakes biscuits. He’s a quiet man-cat, a little grumpy definitely clumsy, but with a gruff generosity.  There were 3 other characters that I would play in the space, and they would appear anywhere at any time and you could never be sure which one would be in the space and where.  The smell of baking butter biscuits was always present.  More details here.



In the Beginning, there was Darkness.

Installation Performance, Denmark, 2006

This was the first installation that I worked on and in with Carte Blanche.  I assisted in building the work, as well as creating various performances within it.  My relationship with this piece continued on for 9 months.

See below for a short documentary of the work.